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Before Kiwicon

Day Minus One: Thursday 26 Nov
06:00 PM Wellington ISIG November Non-Meeting @ The Malthouse
Day Zero: Friday 27 Nov
05:00 PM Early ticket & t-shirt sales @ the Venue foyer
05:15 PM
05:30 PM
05:45 PM
06:00 PM Closedown
07:30 PM Event: An Evening With Ben Hawkes, With Your Host Ben Hawkes @ The Benporium

Kiwicon III Schedule

Day One: Saturday 28 Nov Day Two: Sunday 29 Nov
07:00 AM Registration Business: Ticket & merchandise sales
07:15 AM
07:30 AM
07:45 AM
08:00 AM
08:15 AM
08:30 AM Registration Business: Ticket & merchandise sales
08:45 AM
09:00 AM Pipes and Metlstorm present A Welcome Message Event:SiteHost has "A Case of the Sundays"
09:15 AM Keynote: Patrick Gray
09:30 AM
09:45 AM Peter Hannay: The Big Brothers & Subversives Guide to GPS
10:00 AM Carl Purvis: DMAP
10:15 AM
10:30 AM Nick Von Dadelszen: Smart Card Security
10:45 AM Smoko, Coffee
11:00 AM Hawkes: A History of Corruption Smoko, moar coffee
11:15 AM Al Hazred: lulz: Webstalking 3.0
11:30 AM Peter Gutmann: Some Thoughts on Threat Modelling
11:45 AM
12:00 PM Lunch Break and Event:Lockpicking Workshop Max Dermann: Defending against Web Applicaton DoS Attacks
12:15 PM
12:30 PM Lunch Break and Event:The Insomnia Sunday Roast @ Trax Bar
12:45 PM
01:00 PM
01:15 PM Narc0sis: New Zealand Internet Task Force
01:30 PM thoth: rewtkits? in MY kernel?
01:45 PM bls: Radio Recon: COMINT for Haxx0rs
02:00 PM
02:15 PM Numero: WifiHoneyPots
02:30 PM Chris Spencer: Professional Vulnerability Research and Analysis Urbanadventurer: New Zealand Web Reconnaisansse
02:45 PM D.Roc: Decoding The Telecom Paging System
03:00 PM Karl Chaffey: iStore: YourStoreMyStore
03:15 PM Philip Whitmore: The Social Engineering Zone
03:30 PM Follower: Physical Computing, Virtual Security Deathflu: Mobile Activesync Russian Roulette
03:45 PM y011: More 802.11 wireless controller BS
04:00 PM Snacks Moar snacks
04:15 PM
04:30 PM Paul Craig: Hacking Scientists Philip Whitmore: Here is a Lock; Here is a Door; Windows One Two Three Four
04:45 PM
05:00 PM
05:15 PM
05:30 PM Muss: Shared Ownership Sham: Pro-tips for hackers and those that call themselves hackers
05:45 PM
06:00 PM Closing Ceremony
06:15 PM metlstorm: Do your fruit hang low? Closedown
06:30 PM
06:45 PM Closedown
08:00 PM Event:The Return of the Kiwicon Pub Quiz @ Shooters Event:Decompression Beers @ The Malthouse