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Kiwicon - Venue Information

Kiwicon will, once again be held at Rutherford House, in Victoria University of Wellington's Pipitea campus, despite the fact that previously they were somehow labouring under the misapprehension that we were from the New Zealand Institite of Minced Meats, here to discuss the latest developments in sausage basting. Dunno quite how that happened.
The good folks at Victoria Uni also overlooked the fact we had sellout crowds and a bunch of dirty stinking hackers filling up their nice lecture theatres last year too.

The lecture theatre for the main presentation track is designated RHLT1.

Rutherford House is located on the corner of Bunny St and Lambton Quay. The lecture theatre entrance is on Bunny St. Consult the map below for details.

Below are some helpful images to guide you on your way, courtesy of last year's Kiwicon website.

The Buzzy Bee on the Corner of Bunny St and Lambton Quay
Lecture theater entrance on Bunny St
Snacks and cash on Lambton Quay



Wellington is located at the southern end of New Zealand's creatively named North Island (or Te Ika-a-Maui).
It is serviced by Wellington airport, located a mere 10km from downtown Wellington and Kiwicon. Wellington central is compact, with the majority of interesting bits within stumbling distance. Taxis and buses are easily located.

International and domestic flights into Wellington are offered by Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue and Freedom Air.

Train services into Wellington from the surrounding suburbs are effective, but long distance rail is largely a waste of time and money. Intercity buses and Ferries are available from other areas of the North and South Islands.



If you are looking for a place to stay during Kiwicon, there are a number of backpackers and hotels in close vicinity that provide reasonable rates. Remember, anywhere in central Wellington is within walking distance, especially when you've got your Beer Jacket on.

Name: Downtown Backpackers
Phone: 0800 225 725
Address: 1 Bunny Street, Wellington
Name: Holiday Inn
Phone: +6444998686
Address: 75 Featherston Street, Wellington
Name: Ibis
Phone: +6444961880
Address: 153 Featherston Street, Wellington
URL: Accor Hotels
Name: Novotel Capital
Phone: +6449181900
Address: 133-137 The Terrace, Wellington
URL: Accor Hotels

Here are a couple of other sites that may be of use when looking for accommodation: - Accommodation in Wellington 16th-18th November - Wellington City Backpackers and Budget Accommodation - Last Minute hotel deals in Wellington Central



Several points of interest to Kiwicon haxors have been placed on the map below (it's from last year, but nothing much has moved). Click on the icons to retrieve more info, or follow this link for a list of locations. There's more things on the map than you can see in the initial view, so scroll around, zoom in and out, and shake it all about.

The main Kiwicon venue is the green blobby thing.

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