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3 December 2009: Aaaaand we're done

The crue has at least recovered enough now to type; and it appears that we had ourselves a conference. Hope y'all enjoyed it and left inspired to work on your own pwnage, fixing or research. Muss gave you the technique, Al Hazred the people, Metl the targets, and Sham the context in which to consider your actions. Despite twitterin to the contrary, we didn't burn down, suffer from ethical confusion or go swimming in piles of cash.

Thanks for playing, Kiwicon 3, game over.

23 November 2009: Holy shit, it's con week

That right, it's nearly Kiwicon time. Best go to bed early, you're gonna need it.

17 November 2009: Spamming

Yesterday we spammed out everyone who'd registered to remind them that the con's on and to provide some details about picking up your tickets. The pertinent bits are reproduced below for your benefit (altho, if you didn't get an email from us, then you're not registered, and hence probably not coming!):


 You're getting this mail because you registered for Kiwicon and
therefore can be presumed to have a slight interest in such minor
details as the schedule, and/or location.

 Kiwicon III will be held in Rutherford House at the Pipitea Campus
of Victoria, University of Wellington on the 28th and 29 of November,
2009. On Friday the 27th, tickets and merchandise will be available to
registered people only in the foyer of Rutherford House from 5pm until

 On Saturday, the desks will open at a brutal 7am. Tickets will be
limited to registered people until 8:30am, at which point any
leftover space will be made available to door sales on a first come,
first served basis.

 Unless you have made prior arrangements with us, your registration
will (in effect) cease to exist at 8:30am and you will once again be
part of the heaving lumpenproletariat mass. Email us at to notify us of any impediments to your prompt

 If you can no longer attend Kiwicon please email us as above so we
can remove you from the list.

 The final schedule is available on the website: and if you're feeling all Web 2.0 with
rounded corners, if not transparency, our twitter feed is at

 Yours in diverse shenanigans,
 The Crue.

14 November 2009: Schedule is up

The schedule is up, so you can start plotting which talks you're going to skip to go check out the sales at Briscoes (25-60% off! No way!) Big ups to WiteRabit for spending his friday night ROWSPANnin' that shit up. Party on Drew!

12 November 2009: Hoodie Orders Closing

Hoodie orders close tonight, so last chance. Expect a website update soon with the speaker schedule, and details of events and Friday night ticket sales.

Later that evening... and events are updated, and hoodie ordering system is shutdown -h now.

6 November 2009: Surprise!

When we said final, what we actually meant was "... on the priviso Metl didnt miss anyone out by mistake when he was doing the schedule". Which is uh, apparently what he did, the jerk. Sorry Follower! :)

4 November 2009: Speakers finalised

There, the last few talks are up and the list of presentations is finalised. Sweet? Sweet.

3 November 2009: Kiwicon3 hoodie preorders

Right, as promised, we're talking preorders for hoodies as of now. We have to get the order to the screen printer soon, so your preorder window is short, like your bus. Don't miss out this year; lots of people did last time, and they were sad. Also, don't wear them with your friends in W(h)anganui, or you'll get thrown in jailz0r. And if you're going to get arrested cause of Kiwicon, well, there's way better things to blow your police record on. (Just ask if you need some tips!)

Hoodies are only available by preorder, and are $50 each. T-shirts will be $20, first come first served at the venue. Yes, we have womens sizes. Sizing is much the same as last year.

3 November 2009: Second round of speakers announced

Well, here's the newspost you've all been waiting for; the second and (almost) final announcement of the presentations for Kiwicon III. We had a hard time cramming all the great content in, but after some serious application of the Fixin' Hammer we're good to go. There'll be another update in a day or two once we've got content from a couple of straggling presenters (expect two more talks, one more lightning talk) and after some final tweaks, the actual schedule. Keep it locked down, dudes, cause you're gonna enjoy this.

In other news, we're doing the merchandise at the moment; there will be tshirts and hoodies. Like last year the tshirts will be first-come-first-served, but hoodies only by preorder (they're too expensive for us to carry stock). Keep an eye on the website or our twitter for preordering details in the next week or so.

1 November 2009: Kiwicon sold out!

Oh my gosh, damn are we ever sold out. Venue is at 115% capacity, and people are begging in a MOST indecorus manner for nepotism-specials. Some successfully, we might add. :D

10 October 2009: First round of speakers announced!

Well, con time angrily inches ever closer and today we've announced the first round of speakers. The second, final set will be announced when the CFP closes on 31st October.

Registrations are piling in - at time of writing we're at over 75% venue capacity already, so we will sell out (like all y'all whitehat diqs, amirite?) If you're planning on coming, and ya aint registered, now'd be a good time to do so.

If you're all hip with the kids, you can keep an eye on our twitterin' for all the blow by blow minutae that makes organising a con for you such fun.


08 September 2009: Yay! New online...

Yep. 1000 monkeys working 1000 hours and this is all we produce.
Check out the Kiwicon wallpapers to get your desktop looking sweet.


17 August 2009: CFPs incoming!

Already the international submissions are ahead of the national submissions. What the fuck is going on here?


10 August 2009: Kiwicon 3 CFP online!

But you already knew that. You can find it in txt and html formats.